Artificial Dance

“The bulk of Savant’s catalog sounds like nothing else that had come before. These tracks, where skeletal dub rhythms underpin an array of daubed-on splotches of electric bass and Clavinet and atonal guitar, feel less like “songs” than amorphous organisms where a rippling pulse is the only constant. The structure can be hard to follow but in a fascinating way—long and convoluted 10-bar phrases are not uncommon, and it often feels like a rug is being pulled out from under you, even when the bassline plunges deep in the pocket. “Shadow in Deceit” begins with a flurry of bells and post-punk bass and gradually transforms, via interlocking marimbas, into a vivid template for Four Tet’s brand of new-age techno. “Heart of Stillness”, with its unsteady pitter-patter percussion and dripping guitar tones, has an even headier rainforest vibe; it feels like sound just on the cusp of coalescing into music, or perhaps vice versa.—the 11 songs that comprise Savant’s prime output amount to some of the most striking and original American electronic music of that period, so much so that it seems almost inconceivable that it went largely overlooked until now.” — Pitchfork


Using Words
The Neo-Realist
Shadow in Deceit
The Shining Hour
Knowledge and Action
Heart of Stillness
Stationary Dance
Sensible Music
Deceit in Passion
The Radio
Falling at Two Speeds
Fault Index

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