Lesser Epitomes

“Lesser Epitomes is comprised of three short suites of music, all composed using a system of chance to give shape to basic musical elements. The listener is then advised to randomly re-order them, creating a vast number of permutations within the set, each with its own juxtapositions and shifts from part to part.” — Sam Davies, The Wire

“It’s almost impossible not to be reminded of Arvo Pärt’s similarly ascetic style. — Textura The music in these collections is very minimal, sparse, and delicate. The real beauty in this suite is appreciating the subtle nuances that arise from this intentional randomness. Rated 10/10.” — Larry Johnson, EARlabs

“Leimer posits an apparently selfless art concerned with the purity of physical acoustic phenomenon, undisturbed by any manner of distortion or empty space: one can quite simply bypass such conceptual and technical details and focus actively on the music’s sheer content, which oftentimes is, in a word, beautiful.” — Max Schaefer, Cyclic Defrost


nonadaptive layers o1-o5
nine approximations o6-14
naïve music 15-21

© Kerry Leimer