Statistical Truth

Leimer, that neglected minimalist soundscaper is back with another smartly-packaged record, and it’s a dandy, the sort of disc that begs the question as to why he isn’t one of the Nobel Laureates of ambient already. statistical truth inverts the fundamental role models of the last 25 years (Eno, and with Fripp, plus Hassell, Debussey, and Satie) and in so doing, recalibrates them to destigmafy the modern drone while repelling the new age. It’s a tight balance, but Leimer and his one-man arsenal of electronics pulls it off with the delicate touch of a glass-blower and sharp eye of a diamond jeweler. Yes, these preening, stately drones are practically opulent, as if radiating bright light from within that’s reflected back and then back again, the currents set into motion by brusque synthetic tradewinds. Truth be told, this is music that positively aches. — Maxwell Oz, e/i Magazine


Dark form
Unusable spectrum
Four pages from an unfinished novel
Divided light
Statistical truth
Requiem fields
Distribution and status of small green birds
Usable spectrum
Pale form

© Kerry Leimer