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pursuing shorter forms, permissions became a laboratory for creating pieces that verge on becoming traditional, recognizable song forms while refusing to completely cohere – a “disassembled music” technique leimer has explored in the past. initiated in separate groupings as lists of pitch- and time-related events the 16 resulting tracks were produced by taylor deupree, who added and subtracted voices, further processed the original audio, and mixed and mastered what has resulted in leimer's best realized and most complete album to date. sources include sampled, digital, electric and acoustic instruments and field recordings.

This new album is a bit different than his previous works, as it seems to be some kind of collaborative work with Taylor Deupree. This is ambient music, as that is what Leimer has been concerning himself with for close to thirty years now, but it seems that Leimer has now a stronger interest in using the computer to manipulate field recordings. The glitchy sounds, the moving small textures pitches and sound colors, making up a long, fine album. All these small differences in these textures, slow moving and bouncing making small, evolving mechanisms, living organisms and all such microscopic references. An excellent CD of classic ambient music with modern means. – Vital Weekly

Permissions is somewhat of a collaboration with Taylor Deupree, given that the 12k head is credited with “additional voices, post-production, edit, mix, and mastering.” The detail isn't insignificant, either, as Permissions largely collapses whatever stylistic differences might normally separate 12k and Palace of Lights recordings. Arranged into concise song-like structures, the material exemplifies the concentration on fluttering micro-sound textures, electro-acoustic sounds (acoustic guitar plucks, electric guitar shadings, processed piano, bowed strings, percussion), and field recordings that's shared by the two creators and often captured on a typical 12k release. Listed sans titles on the CD cover as simply Permissions 01-16, the settings function like snapshots that cumulatively provide an in-depth portrait of Leimer's range. The mood is generally laid-back, meditative, and explorative (mysterioso in the piano-heavy sixth), but the elements drawn upon are not only pastoral in nature as industrial sounds surface, too, as part of the overall sound design. Despite their brevity, the pieces are often striking, such as the fourteenth, which gracefully augments a series of percussion accents with a rising ambient wave, and the sixteenth, which finds minute guitar plucks resonating against a crackling mass. Permissions offers a compelling document of Leimer's artistry. - Textura

k. leimer : permissions


permissions_10_as was dover
permissions_18_at the green end
permissions_06_how sharp and clear
                          the warning
permissions_16_“over your cities
                          grass will grow”
permissions_09_absent beneath stone
permissions_21_the slipping thread
permissions_13 (edit)
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