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Remastered by Greg Davis, the Land of Look Behind soundtrack has been revisited and refreshed to a new level of definition. Alan Greenberg, who wrote and directed this film documenting the funeral of Bob Marley, had originally planned to use the music of Closed System Potentials for his soundtrack. But CSP had previously been used as the installation music for conceptual artist Eddy deEddy's Rodin Crater Project, premiered at the Temporary Contemporary Art Museum in Los Angeles a year following the release of CSP.

Leimer began with the location tapes, originating many of the rhythm patterns for Land of Look Behind. By making loops of the monologues – the testimony – and using phrases that had more distinctive cadences and pacing, the words, glottal stops, clicks and coughs of witnesses were used as cues for the percussion instruments. In effect, speech became an organizing principle of the musical score. By eliminating the accuracy of click tracks, musicians were prompted to rove through the inconsistent intervals of the voice-derived patterns.

It's ironic that the modern recording studio, with its gleaming banks of high-tech devices, is the birthplace of a radically new kind of music whose most salient characteristic is a kind of murky organic flavor that is distinctly non-technological. K. Leimer takes a similar aesthetic stance in Land of Look Behind, with sustained synthesizer chords that float in and out of view, decorated with a mysterious jungle of half-heard voices and electronic effects and much more percussion, creating strong, primitive rhythms that carry the music forward. Leimer has faced up to the challenge of creating exotic sonorities that are not only novel, but meaningful, and this makes his albums well worth hearing.

— Jim Aikin, Keyboard

k. leimer : land of look behind | remastered

Land of Look Behind

Two Voices
Confusion in Belief
Testimony and Honor
The Outpost
This Land
Gun Court
The Cockpit
The City Far Below
Confusion in Belief (edit)
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Palace of Lights

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