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All of this music was either made for various collaborative projects, or eventually found its way into them. None of it is much like the work I usually do on my own, but this is why I enjoy working on assignment: externally imposed parameters lead to unexpected results. Paris, once (1984) – piano, Robin Holcomb; intro added in 1999 for Paris, written and choreographed by Lane Lucas; recorded by Matt Brown (Other Room, Seattle). Ancestral Memory (1996) – accordion, gongs, metal bowl; composed for Faith, written and choreographed by Lane Lucas; remixed in 2003 for the soundtrack to Agnes Martin: With My Back to the World, a documentary by Mary Lance. Planctus (1994) – Javanese-American gamelan; suling and additional recording, Steven Miller (CMP, College of Santa Fé); choreographed by Bill Evans and Nora Reynolds Daniel, 1996. Courtship Rituals (1996) – frame drum, suling, suling gambuh, processing; cornet, Jonathan Baldwin; saxophone & weird winds, Tom Guralnick; composed for Faith, by Lane Lucas. Suspended Sentence/ Auto de Fé (1997) – piano, accordion, voice, found objects, ocarina, processing; bass drum, John Bartlit; additional recording, Kevin Campbell and Tim Forrest (Keller Hall, UNM); composed for Shelter, written and choreographed by Lane Lucas. Unchained (1997) – electric guitar, suling, suling gambuh, trees, stones, field recordings, processing; percussion, Steven Miller; composed for Shelter, by Lane Lucas. Circular Lullaby (1998) – voices, Erin Joose and Melissa Schussler; composed for Our Own Ground, choreographed by Erin and Melissa; remixed and excerpted for the Agnes Martin film in 2003. Two Rivers (2003) – electric guitar; composed for the Agnes Martin film, though only the coda was used.

Despite their obvious differences, these rigorously composed pieces share an uncorrupted purity. If Occasional Music doesn’t ultimately provide a singular representation of the composer’s style, it does present a seventy-minute summative portrait of Peters' diverse and high-quality music-making.

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steve peters : ocassional music

ocassional music

Paris, once
Ancestral Memory
Courtship Rituals
Suspended Sentence / Auto de Fé
Circular Lullaby
Two Rivers
Two Rivers (edit)
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