Chains of Being

Walking through the paths of Brian Eno, Harold Budd or Roedelius, K. Leimer and Marc Barreca offer a conceptual and contemporary approach to Early music, exploring its ambiences, timbres and emotions. Sonic textures and noise meet the strings of a viola da gamba in a cinematic work.

”These three pieces spring from a love of Early Music, specifically the works of Sainte-Colombe, Marin Marais and John Dowland. Each of these composers — their lives spanning a period of great musical innovation and change from 1563 to 1728 — is represented by a track included here. While there are no direct quotations present from any of their pieces there is a now familiar reliance on timbre and even on drone, elements that flourished in the often slowly-paced and harmonically narrow style of Early Music. Those stylistic elements have been taken up today, deliberately or not, by Ambient, Dark Ambient, Post-Ambient, and Slow Music artists. In atmosphere Early Music often evokes a melancholic — even elegiac — sensibility appropriate to the present time.” — K. Leimer

“These three tracks were inspired by the shadows, streams of sunlight, muted colors and peaceful interior ambience of Spanish cathedrals. Calm and mystery combined.” — Marc Barreca

K. Leimer and Marc Barreca are two American synth/multi-instrumental musicians that have been active since late 70’s. Their previous collaborations are available on the Palace of Lights imprint and much of their earliest work has been reissued by labels like Vinyl on Demand, Rvng Intl and Freedom To Spend.


Les Filles de Sainte Colombe – K. Leimer
Lurid Chaconne – K. Leimer
Nothing is known of his childhood – K. Leimer

The Cult of Saint Zenobius – Marc Barreca
The Cult of Remembrance – Marc Barreca
The Cult of Saint Jerome – Marc Barreca

© Marc Barreca + Kerry Leimer