“So if the fragmented sounds and slippery patterns of “All Known Musics” twitch and fidget in all of the expected ways and if the sitar-like glistenings of “Outlander” and “Upper Canopy” drift in dazed states of contemplation, “Submerged” exudes a placid peacefulness that’s soothing in all the right ways. Even more affecting is “Interleaving Traps,” a minimal affair distinguished by the plaintive lament of gentle synth-like tones, and “A Bryars Hymn,” whose choral voices and strings slowly see-saw in presumed homage to the English composer. A sense of tentative calm pervades the duo’s electroacoustic material, despite the fact that it’s marked by constant change and a restless shape-shifting quality. Instrument fragments and processed sounds flicker throughout these constructions but in a natural and unhurried manner.” — Textura


All known musics
Receding tide
Interleaving traps
Upper canopy
Surface tension
A Bryars hymn
Slow panic
The horizon filled with sadness

© Marc Barreca + Kerry Leimer