A Figure of Loss

A Figure of Loss takes Leimer’s music into highly personal terrain. Written and recorded during two dark years, the resulting work hovers in proximity of a calm and placid consistency, tenuously balanced on expanding and contracting foundations. Built mostly around modeled and treated piano and digital synthesis, a sense of coherence emerged from piece to piece during the recording and editing process, yielding a sustained, but disturbed elegiac atmosphere, seemingly content to meditate on its own specific set of limits. But A Figure of Loss reaches from well-defined patterns to fragmented and shifting densities. This is a music of reflection, setting itself at a distance from loss in order to possibly comprehend it. The CD includes a portfolio of photographs by Tyler Boley and a download code for the entire album. It was mastered by James Savage. A Figure of Loss is also available in multiple digital formats.


Sadness carries fatigue
This day is the same day
The night dried up
White all red

© Kerry Leimer