Day Music

The Day Music series takes an installation-like approach to creating functional aural spaces. Three, four hour long, interval-based systems evolve continuously, providing an alternative to playlists of more familiar musics which demand attention but rarely receive it. As extended, epicyclic pieces sharing pitch and clock commonalities Day Music can be played as individual pieces, or layered (multiple runs of the same piece) or in combination (multiple pieces run simultaneously) in differing, acoustically-linked spaces.

“In the past, we’ve described Leimer’s music as time-suspending, and it hardly surprises that the Day Music concept pushes the idea to a new extreme; even the shorter version lulls the listener into a state of reverie that grows deeper the longer the material plays. Consistent with the installation-like design, Leimer conceived of the pieces as material that could be played either singly, or in layered (the same setting multiplied) or combined (multiple pieces played simultaneously) manner.” — Textura


Day Music 1
Intervals for Piano and Decay
Day Music 1_1
Day Music 1_2
Day Music 1_3
Day Music 1_4

Intervals for Electronic Sources
Day Music 2_1
Day Music 2_2
Day Music 2_3
Day Music 2_4

Intervals for Expanding and Contracting Phrases
Day Music 3_1
Day Music 3_2
Day Music 3_3

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