Land of Look Behind
Remastered + Expanded

The Land of Look Behind soundtrack returns to vinyl in a Remastered + Expanded edition that includes three previously unheard and unreleased tracks from the original sessions. Alan Greenberg, who wrote and directed this film documenting the funeral of Bob Marley, provided Leimer with location recordings which were used to originate many of the rhythmic patterns. Loops of the monologues and phrases that exhibited more distinctive cadences and pacing, words, glottal stops, clicks and coughs of witnesses were used as cues for the musicians. In effect, speech became the organizing principle of the musical score. By replacing the accuracy of click tracks with the inconsistent intervals of the voice-derived patterns. the music takes on shuffled and slipping character. The LP version includes a four-page insert featuring an essay by Paul Dickow and download code for the complete album and bonus tracks. The current CD version was remastered by Greg Davis and does not include the bonus tracks or booklet.


Two voices
Confusion in belief
Testimony and honor
The outpost
This land
Gun court
The cockpit
The city far below
Shettle wood*
Four paths*
The cockpit – extended*

*LP-only bonus tracks

© Kerry Leimer