Mastered by Taylor Deupree with cover and video art by Fred Birchman and a 12-page booklet. “Listening to Re-Enact, the impression forms of someone who approaches each piece as a blank slate and proceeds in much the same way as an abstract painter. Relying on technique refined over many years, he methodically fills in the canvas, adding a detail here and then another there, all the while proceeding in a way that might seem intuitive but in fact reflects a deeply internalized understanding of how a composition develops. Leimer’s granular material is tactile in the extreme, his music obsessively focused on timbral contrasts and the layering and sequencing of its elements. With so many Leimer albums from which to choose, it would be a fool’s game to identify one as superior to another or even more brazenly the best of all. What can be said with assurance is that Re-Enact, the sequel to last year’s The Grey Catalog, is certainly on par with the best work he’s issued.” — Textura


All that follows
Forward masking
Ordinary music
Motion study
Beside. On. After.
Folded object
New misfortunes
Backward masking
In memory, in error

© Kerry Leimer