Tape Recordings 1977 - 1980

“This beautiful new double LP via Vinyl On Demand focuses on Leimer’s earliest work and has once again left us dumbstruck, offering a genuinely remarkable addition to the canon of early ‘80s electronic/new age/4th world experimentalism, sitting very comfortably alongside some of the richest, most engrossing ambient music of the era. As Leimer himself offers: ‘It’s best to consider these recordings as a homage to much admired and deeply loved music of the time; to consider these recordings as the artifacts of lessons being learned during simultaneous attempts at conceiving, writing, voicing, engineering, recording, and mixing something that might at least seem to be music. It’s also best to consider that the one card that repeatedly found its way out of the Oblique Strategies deck and into my hands prevented me from erasing almost all of it: Honor thy mistake as a hidden intention.’ It all makes for one of the most engrossing ambient-era collections we’ve come across. Huge recommendation.” — Boomkat


Go Slowly All The Way Round
The Vanishing Fountain
Stationary Image
A Simple Sadness
Nostalgia for Sleep
At Daybreak
Natural History
Desert Largo
Milk Sphinx
Through Ghost
The Vanishing Fountain
Figure Eights
Ancient Of Days
The Mind and Its Likeness
Ground to Ground
Two Chambers

© Kerry Leimer