Threnody by K. Leimer is a music of disorientation, error and loss. Free of any particular sense of continuity or structure Threnody dwells in an absent-minded and forgetful state, inhabiting an aftermath of events too disorienting to be completely comprehended. Highly atmospheric, the music draws from influences as diverse as Arve Henriksen, David Sylvian, Taylor Deupree and Biosphere. Shattered phrases emerge among shrouded details in a state of sustained incompleteness. In a departure for Leimer, this music is highly improvised, mostly studio-generated in real-time.

“I approached the work by repeatedly abandoning it and, at some later time, after pursuing some other task, after days or weeks of new outrages, wandered back and tried to once more pick up the threads.” 

Threnody is music tuned to a fractured time.

“Leimer creates intense music, yet also pastoral and quiet, without losing some spicy feeling. It is that bit of hiss, the crackling and the overtones he creates that set this aside from the world of naff new age. Threnody is something slightly different for Leimer and it is something very beautiful. With this Leimer expands his ambient work quite a bit and I’m curious to see what happens next.” –– Vital Weekly, FdW


Eucharis Told Me That Spring Had Come
A Quiet Then Changes Me
Piano Inure
The Standardization of Experience
An Incorrect Reading of the Allegory of the Flood
Faint and Deformed Stillness
In the Passing Distance
Then Seasons No Longer Recur
Now, Go Set the Slow Alarms

© Kerry Leimer