Shadow Aesthetics

With Shadow Aesthetics, Marc Barreca accomplishes something rare in electronic and ambient musics. Fluid, dynamic changes and movement within pieces; complexities in time and pitch variation and evolution – typically absent from the mostly homogeneous constructs of drone and ambient – all bring previously unavailable depth, shading and emotional charges to a musical form usually admired for its neutrality or criticized for being cold. Shadow Aesthetics results from a virtual arsenal of digital and analog sources operating in a complex system of origination, structuring, processing and editing. The result is a moving, articulate and complex album: music that is profoundly emotive, original, and experimental. In every way Shadow Aesthetics reveals itself as a culmination of decades of listening, performing and composing. It manages to drive a form known best for continuously changing over decades into striking new channels of timbre, sound, and meaning. Shadow Aesthetics includes an 8-page booklet and digital download code for the complete album plus two bonus tracks.


Blank Stare
Freedom of Confusion
Jazz Age Color Organ
Heretic of Science
Bruegel’s View

Bonus Digital Tracks:
Waiving My Manifesto
An Empty Head

© Marc Barreca