Tape Recordings 1977 - 1983

“Marc Barreca is an American synth/multi-instrumental musician and also an artist of the first hour of cassette-culture. Inspired by Brian Eno and the Ambient-school he started to record his own music in the mid-70’s. By 1980 he already recorded three tapes called In a Foreign Land (1977), Raw Fish & Green Tea (1979) as well as Currents (79/80) all three only released and distributed via Eurock-Distribution in an extremley low quantity. In 1980 he released his first LP called Twilight on K. Leimer’s Palace of Lights Label; a Tape called Music Works for Industry would follow 3 years later also on Palace of Lights, another 3 years later on Jeff Greinke’s Intrepid Label another Tape, The Sleeper Wakes. Besides performing together with James Husted and Roland Barker as the Seattle-based electronic music group Young Scientist in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s he also was also a member of K. Leimer’s studio group, Savant. Marc uses digital and analog synthesizers, digital samplers, environmental field recordings and computer processed audio loops to create multi-layered audio compositions.” — Boomkat


Eight Hours To Milan
Raw Fish And Green Tea
Briefly Interrupted by a Welcome Stranger
Currents 2
Currents 6
Wolf Tone
Soundtrack From Salmo
School For Whales
In A foreign Land
Music Works For Industry
The Urge To Buy Terrorizes You

© Marc Barreca